My work with clients inspires me.

Hearing their stories, traveling the journey of clarity and content and confidence with them is a wonderful thing.

Recently I've been working with a client on the West Coast – she herself is a coach. Her studies, books and coaching center around meditation and mindfullness.

Within her content is the phrase “what you practice grows stronger”

These worlds have been tumbling around my head for the past week.

In this national climate where we seem to being quite adept at practicing violence, judgement, blame and division – heck, we've seemed to have damn near perfected these things – I wonder what else we can practice.

Indeed – as I struggled on both a personal and professional level with how I – as a woman, a business owner, an actor, a coach – can respond to and effect change regarding the long-seething truths that we have come face to face to.

And this phrase kept tumbling around – What we practice, grows stronger.

So I strive to practice awareness, kindness, compassion and empathy. I strive to practice civility, openness and optimism.

And The Studio. What do we practice, at The Speaker's Studio. Getting up to 'play' seems like such a small and little thing. I nearly cancelled the Improv : Leadership Lab last month after waking up to news of fresh violence and chaos. How can one 'play' in this environment when the climate is so heavy, so wrought with grief and frustration.

Again, the phrase tumbled, “What you practice grows.”

Perhaps spending a few hours connecting, collaborating and communicating is just the thing. The act of exploring, expanding, laughing and growing is the perfect anecdote to this shook up world.

So that's what we did. The 5 of us. 1 white woman, 2 white men and 2 African American men. We played. We were silly. We practiced saying Yes, And. We practiced accepting ideas and growing them. We practiced making our partners look excellent. We practiced awareness and attention.

Because what you practice grows stronger.

At then end of the 3 hours we had explored and expanded. We had formed connections. We asked and answered questions. We connected the dots to Leadership and to simply being human.

What are your practicing?



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