Communication Lab

                                                                               A day long exploration of Communication Skills 


Communication Lab

                                                                               A day long exploration of Communication Skills 

Looking for a way to sharpen your communication skills? Interested in how to be a better speaker, collaborator or leader? Curious about how to take your development to the next level?

Join Kate Bringardner for a day long Communication Lab

Leaders take action.  They must act. And act decisively and confidently. 

They must act out of their own authenticity. 

How do you sharpen that skill? That sense? 

Through Practice - and at The Speaker's Studio you practice with Theatre and Improv. 


January 18

830AM - 4PM

Louisville Studio/Theatre

Home of Louisville Acting Studio & The Speaker's Studio

Facilitated by Kate Bringardner

Maximum Participants: 12


Improv: Communication is a day long communication skills lab.   In the morning all particppractice the skills that will help them pitch an idea, influence a team, promote collaboration and innovate around business changes, and adapt to new circumstances quickly. 

What does all that mean? 

Be present to your team and to your environment.
Say Yes! to a new ideas and big challenges.
Show up big. For yourself and your team.


Here's how it will work:

8:30 - 9 Coffee and Conversation
9-Noon Lab 360
Lunch Break
(Nulu offers lots of options nearby for Lunch!)
1:30 - 4:30 Improv : Communication
4:30 Cocktails with Kate


Leadership Lessons that last a Lifetime

Improv : Leadership First Cohort!

Communication Lab will help you

  • Think on your feet
  • Listen with focus
  • Communicate with presence and power
  • Adapt when things go awry
  • Adjust to new information
  • Be present to what is happening now

            ... while remaining calm, cool and confident.




Explore the physical awareness and movement of Leadership.
Increase your self-awareness and transform the way you move in space





Total Cost $625
Total Value

What are you waiting for?

So, to recap:

Along with the monthly group sessions you'll receive: 

Six Individual Coaching sessions to help apply and transition the work to your "real" world
Access to our Secret Improv Facebook Group
Support and Materials throughout the process
2 Individual Movement for Power Sessions with a Master Feldenkrais Professional
Breath of Power Tool
The Remarkable Remarks Tool
Complimentary registration to Keep to 100


What is The Speaker's Studio?

The Speaker's Studio is space for Leaders and Speakers to stretch their muscles and practice their skills. Our work is grounded in Performance and Movement, with a dash of Content & Stratgey.  Most of our coaches have a background in Performance; be it Theatre or Improv.  All are experienced coaches and teachers. Our Lab style classes are designed to maximize effect and practice because we believe the best kind of learning is done on your feet. With a side of play.  And some good questions. 

What is Improv?

Improv is, at its heart, unscripted scenes. Meaning the scenes are created in real time. Between two or more people. Improv is the ability to say Yes. To Make an Offer. To make your partner look excellent. And the ability to create with others. Improv games ask for imagination, curiosity, and collaboration. Yes, sometimes you will look silly - but we all will at some point. Yes, sometimes Improv is funny but it's not about the comedy,  Yes, sometimes it uncomfortable - it's important to feel that too. 





Upcoming Improv: Leadership COHORT

We are working on adding the next session to the calendar, so stay tuned for more specifics.


Register now to reserve your spot.
No refunds on registration.
Balance due in full at time of registration.

What if I'm not ready yet?

Send us your contact info, and we will contact you when you will have another chance to join us.

What if I'm not ready yet?

Send us your contact info, and we will contact you when you will have another chance to join us.

You just aren't quite ready to be a better you. We get it. Send us your email address, and we will keep you updated with future opportunities. Don't worry, your email address is safe with us.

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