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Improv: Keep it 100

100% Present. 100% Creative. 100% You.


Improv: Keep it 100

100% Present. 100% Creative. 100% You.

The world is changing faster than ever. To keep up, you'll need to adapt faster than ever.

Are you ready?

Join The Speaker's Studio for a new experience designed to teach Young Professionals how Improv can help #keepit100. It doesn't matter if you're a Creative Professional, a Business Professional, an Engineer, an Artist, or someone in-between. Improv will help you think on your feet, adapt to change, be more creative, and communicate - at 100%.

Here are the basics:


Explore the fundamentals of Improv and discover skills you never knew you had.


Play, explore, discover, and see things (and yourself) in a whole new way.

Experience Required

Spoiler alert: you already have all the tools. The trick is how you use them.

Why settle for less you?


What is ?

Whether you are headed for an office, a sales floor, a spotlight, or a board room, you need to be the best you can be. The digital age has no room for anything less. Being 100% means being on top of your game, being true to who you are, and never giving up.

With The Speaker's Studio and Improv, you will unlock the tools to help you become:

  • 100% Adaptable - React to anything.
  • 100% Present - Live in the moment.
  • 100% Confident - Speak with power and stand by your ideas.
  • 100% Creative - Look at things in an entirely new way.
  • 100% You - Because nobody else on the planet will.
Total Cost
Total Potential


Now is the time to be 100% You.

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Sign up now to Keep it 100:


Each Thursday from May 18 to June 22, 4:30 to 6 PM.

Location: iHub
204 South Floyd Street,
Louisville, KY - 40202

Please plan to arrive at least 10 minutes early to each session so we can start on time.


Registration requires a commitment to attend all six sessions.
No refunds on registration.
Balance due in full at time of registration.