Lab 360 is our most popular and sought after experience!  We focus on what YOU are bringing to the table, what YOU need to accomplish and what YOU want to improve.  It’s not about what we want to teach - it’s about what you want to learn!  Our coaches are trained to respond to you; to pull from a myriad of exercises to find the one that will unlock your power, center you in your authenticity and provide a foundation for every challenge. 

Lab 360 was designed by Kate Bringardner, Founder and Principal of The Speaker’s Studio. This is a 3 hour workshop that combines the most compelling and effective teaching techniques from Theatre, Improv and Corporate Communications.

Each Lab is different ~ because The Speaker’s Studio doesn’t offer just one solution. We work to find the way that makes YOU feel most confident in your speaking.

Every Lab 360 includes:

  •     Materials
  •     Group Feedback
  •     Coaching
Lab 360 was transformational! You, your business, your career, your colleagues will benefit and thrive from this experience. I liked the Lab 360 so much I signed up with Kate Bringardner for more coaching.
— Dayna Neumann,
CEO BrookeMont Spots
Lab 360 June 2017

Lab 360
June 9th


This Lab 360 will take place at

Greater Louisville Inc
6th Floor
610 Main Street
Louisville KY, 40202


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