"Coaching with Kate dramatically changed my life and my work … Lab 360 is A MUST for any professional ready to take their career to the next level."     Bernadine D. VP Alumni & College Relations

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In Lab 360 we Explore: 

How the physical body relates to powerful communication
How your mindset can set you up for your greatest success...or failure. 
How to craft content & how to deliver it. 
How to sharpen your self-awareness.
How be in the moment.
How to manage performance related anxiety.

From Executives to Entrepreneurs, Engineers to Architects, Bankers to Bourbon Makers, Lab360 has helped a host of professionals find their formula for dynamic, confident communication. 

This 3 hour, small-group development lab combines the most compelling and effective teaching techniques from Theatre, Improv and Corporate Communications.

Each Lab360 is unique because it is responsive to the people that show up in the room.
What do you want to work on?
How do we make you confident in your speaking and communicating?

Every Lab 360 includes:

  • Opportunity to present and receive coaching

  • Individually tailored exercise to increase effectiveness

  • Group Feedback

    You will also receive the following materials

  • The Remarkable Remarks Generator

  • The Coach Yourself Cheat Sheet



In LAB360 every participant  brings in something they are working on - a presentation, a keynote, a tedtalk.

Or maybe you're preparing for an interview, a board meeting or an investor pitch.  Maybe you want to be promoted - or you have recently been promoted - and you realize (or your boss helped you realize) that it's time to work on your communication skills. And you know you can do something better - I mean, we all can do something better - you're just not sure what.  So,

We identify what you need to work on:

Is your presence communicating what you intend it to communicate?
Is your content clear and engaging?
Is what you are saying relevant to the audience?
What do you want to accomplish and is your body & content helping you get there?
Sometimes it's a simple as  - CAN WE HEAR YOU?! 

You receive coaching and feedback. And coaching. You are given exercises to try. You step out of your comfort zone. You try something new. You begin to experience new thoughts, new energy and new approaches. Then you try again.  Only this time, you are more awesome. This time you have found a piece of your process.

A process that will lead to the outcome you want to achieve - confident, authentic communication, a successful interview, a top-notch presentation.  



Lab360 provides an opportunity to practice, to receive coaching from Kate and feedback from your Lab360 peers. And you will get a chance to synthesize the feedback and apply the coaching in real time. Sometimes the exercises are physical in nature. Sometimes they are mental. Sometimes its a breathing exercise or a visualization. Sometimes they are goofy or downright silly - but they are always effective. 


We realize that the process of learning something new is messy. And uncomfortable. So we provide an environment where our Lab360ers can explore freely. We allow only 1 employee from a company at a time. 


Lab360 was designed by Kate Bringardner, Founder and Principal of The Speaker’s Studio. Kate has an MFA in Performing Arts and 10 years experience in coaching and training. Her work has taken her from Pittsburgh to San Francisco and everywhere in between.

Lab 360 was transformational!
— Dayna N, EVP, United Mail

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